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It takes a lot of things to make a successful business. First and foremost you need to have experienced people, exceptional products and efficient management together with organised and ordered finances and business operation. Probably the most important thing to consider for business success is keeping customers loyal and ensuring there is no confusion over the source of the products you provide. This is usually done by protecting brands and by calling in the services of a trademark infringement solicitor if a competitor markets goods in an unfair way that causes confusion between your product and their product. Do not lose your identity, business name or brand name by not protecting your interests properly. If you fail to protect yourself, a competitor may exploit your situation by registering your business identity or by registering something very similar which could result in the loss of customers and, in the end, declining profit margins.

Intellectual Propert & Brand Protection

By enlisting the help of a trademark infringement solicitor to ensure your brand is protected, you are offsetting the potential costs of re-branding or changing your business name if a rival firm registers your original name or the name of your brands. Re-branding will involve re-packaging your products and a potentially expensive new marketing campaign. You may also be able to protect yourself from competitors who use a similar, though not identical name and who use near identical packaging.

Customer Loyalty

One thing that triggers customer loyalty is the business or product name. It serves as a signal to your existing customers about the quality of the products you offer. Your business name will be associated with a specific price, quality or desirable features which will make the customers return to your business when they need more of your products. You will have a strong customer base and consistent revenue from repeat customers. It is inevitable that your success will cause your competitors to attempt to copy you. This is when it is very important to speak with a trademark infringement solicitor. When strategic marketing by your competitors involves having your identity registered by a rival firm or your brand name copied in an attempt to attract your loyal customers, there is good reason to be worried.

Essential Litigation

A specialist trademark infringement solicitor will assist you by averting conflicts that are created when another business uses your name to sell their products. While there is a common law right to prevent this from happening, it is often difficult to provide evidence that this is the case. A lawyer can help you by arranging the certification of your rights, providing you with protection from others using the same or similar trademarks for their business and where necessary can negotiate settlement for infringement or take legal action in a court of law claiming an injunction, damages and costs.

Free Legal Advice

Our specialist solicitors are located across Australia and they have the experience and resources necessary to assist you with litigation efficiently and successfully. Our lawyers can help if you or your business has suffered losses because of illicit use of your company name or brand name. Our lawyers offer free initial consultations and we will provide you with advice about whether you have a case or not. You will be given clear, unequivocal advice about your chances of success and the anticipated value of your claim. If after talking to us you wish to proceed no further you will be under no obligation and you will not be charged anything for our initial consultation.




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