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The term 'intellectual property' refers to the ownership of ideas, inventions and concepts. Business disputes relating to this topic have been increasing throughout the world over recent years. In the global marketplace intellectual property rights can involve multi-million dollar deals and for this reason Australian patent law and its equivalent international protection is an important consideration for entrepreneurs in order to protect their right to develop their product without interference or competition from outside sources for a limited period of time.

Specialist Intellectual Property Rights Lawyers

A patent law solicitor is generally part of a team in the intellectual property department of a large law firm whose goal is to obtain and protect the rights of their clients including copyright, patents, industrial designs, and trade marks.

Registration of a Patent

The government offers a patent to individuals or firms as an exchange. Government will receive public disclosure of an invention which will enrich the country and individuals at the expiry of the protected period and the inventor will receive a legal guarantee that others will be unable to use that invention for a specified time. The process of obtaining protection is not always easy and is often lengthy due to specific needs of patent law to prove that the invention is novel.

Industrial Designs

The concept of industrial design protection refers specifically to incidences where designers or inventors have developed an enhanced visual addition to an existing product which cannot be protected by patent law. Industrial design usually relates to consumer goods that can be visually enhanced.

Copyright Law

Copyright law relates to obtaining the protection afforded by law to original visual ideas and concepts such as art, photography, writing, designing or music and to legal protection of those rights.

Trademark Protection

The final category of intellectual property is trade marks which again cannot be protected by patent law but have their own specific legislation. Trade marks are created in order to allow businesses to associate themselves with a particular product. Trade marks exist to prevent rival firms from copying goods.

Free Legal Advice

Our specialist patent law solicitors are located across Australia and they have the experience and resources necessary to help you with litigation efficiently and successfully. Our lawyers can help if you or your business has suffered losses because of illicit use of your original work. Our lawyers offer free initial consultations and we will provide you with advice about whether you have a case or not. You will be given clear, unequivocal advice about your chances of success and the anticipated value of your claim. If after talking to us you wish to proceed no further you will be under no obligation and you will not be charged anything for our initial consultation.




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