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Copyright infringement occurs when someone who is not the creator of artistic work displays or modifies that work without the express consent of the originator. If you create original works then you will want be recognised as the creator and you will want to protect your financial interest in those creations. Your field may be art, photography, writing, designing, music or any other sphere in which the uniqueness of your creative works are key to the way you make money and are recognised in your field. In addition you may desire to use or publish the original work of someone else, ensuring that you legitimately and legally go about the process of getting permission. If there are questions about the use of literary or artistic work it is important to consult a specialist solicitor who can help you through the complex legal minefield involved in either licensing or using original work.

Importance of Copyright

To properly deal with copyright infringement it is important that the creator of original work understands exactly what legal rights they have. A specialist lawyer can help you understand the use of the copyright symbol, international issues, the division between the public and private domain and outline how your product may be used, including when permission and licenses are required or where the rules of ‘fair use’ apply.

Negotiated Licences & Permissions

What if things go wrong and you have established that there is a copyright infringement by an organisation or individual? A solicitor’s letter requesting immediate cessation may be enough however it may be in your financial interests to negotiate secure legally binding licenses and permissions contracts to ensure that your legal rights are upheld. The payment of royalties may ensure that you are adequately compensated for the use of your original works by another party. Finally, if those who ignore your copyright fail to comply with reasonable requests the ultimate step involves taking legal action in a court of law to ensure your rights are enforced and that those who deny you such rights are penalised appropriately with an order for costs and a damages award in your favour coupled with an injunction preventing them from repeating the illegal actions on threat of imprisonment for contempt of court.

Specialist Copyright Advice

Our specialist solicitors are located across Australia and they have the experience and resources necessary to help you with litigation efficiently and successfully. Our lawyers can help if you or your business have suffered losses because of illicit use of your original work. Our lawyers offer free initial consultations and we will provide you with advice about whether you have a case or not. You will be given clear, unequivocal advice about your chances of success and the anticipated value of your claim. If after talking to us you wish to proceed no further you will be under no obligation and you will not be charged anything for our initial consultation.




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