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Copyright law relates to obtaining the protection afforded by law to original visual ideas and concepts and to legal remedies available as a result of infringement, to rectify the breach which includes injunctions and awards of damages.

Original Ideas & Concepts

Protection under copyright law is very important for two reasons :-

  1. You will want to be recognized as the originator of any original works you create. Taking action to secure your enterprises will help to ensure that you receive legal protection and it will ensure that your concept benefits only you. If you are involved in a creative field (art, photography, writing, designing or music) protecting your creative work is the key to your artistic and financial success.

  2. If you wish to use or publish the original work of someone else you will need to legitimately and legally go about the process of getting permission to do so. We can help you navigate the complex legal minefield that is involved with registering or using copyrighted original work.

Protection of Conceptual Enterprises

If you are the creator of an original work, it is important to know your legal rights regarding that work. You have the right to ensure that your conceptual enterprises are not copied or unfairly used. A specialist solicitor can help you to understand your legal rights including guidance on how your product can be used and when a third party requires a license and also where the rules of “fair use” apply. Our copyright law solicitors can help you learn about your legal rights, including :-

  • whether or not your work qualifies for protection
  • how to properly use the copyright symbol on your products
  • dealing with issues of international protection
  • how to take legal action for infringement
  • the difference between public and private domain

Cessation of Infringement

In the event that infringement occurs, you will need the help of a specialist solicitor to guide you through the process of dealing with that infringement. If a business or an individual steps on your legal rights a solicitor may deter further infringement by threats or by legal action in a court of law for an injunction and damages. A solicitor’s letter requesting immediate cessation of copyright infringement may be enough to stop infringement of your legal rights.

Licenses & Royalties

If a letter does not stop the infringement a solicitor may take more advanced legal action. Our solicitors can negotiate to secure legally binding licenses which will ensure your legal rights are upheld in the future. In addition permissions may ensure that you receive royalties which will adequately compensate you for use of your copyrighted works. The final step a solicitor may pursue is taking legal action in a court which is usually by way of injunction proceedings to order the third party to either do something or to stop them from doing something. These actions can initially be commenced on an emergency ex-party basis on the same day as instructions are received by a solicitor. A judge may grant an immediate injunction in the absence of the defendant but will call all parties back to court at a later date to determine a final injunction if appropriate and to makes orders about legal costs and damages.

Specialist Solicitors

Our lawyers are located across Australia and will give you clear and unequivocal advice. If after talking to us you wish to proceed no further you will be under no obligation to do so and you will not be charged anything for our initial advice.




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